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  • The functions of erstwhile Tamil Nadu Revenue Board (Tamil Nadu Board of Revenue) was abolished in the year 1980. The operation of this board was taken overed by Tamil Nadu Revenue Department

Objective & Functions of the Department

  • Revenue Department is, so to say, the mother of all Administrative Departments. This is the department which touches upon almost all aspects of a Citizen’s life. It is all pervasive. Its contribution to the orderly social development is immense. The Revenue Department is the custodian of all lands and it is concerned with all land disposals. The work relating to land assignment, land acquisition, alienation of land, updating and maintenance of Land Revenue Records, grant of Pattas, Land Reforms, Land Ceiling, Levy and collection of Urban Land Tax are looked after by the Revenue Department.
  • Revenue department is the first to rush to the people during the times of Natural Calamities like Tsunami, drought and flood. The Department shifts the affected people to places of safety and it provides food, clothes, shelter and also distributes essential commodities and financial assistance in the form of cash.
  • It may as will be said that in every walk of the common man’s need, the participation of Revenue Department cannot be under estimated. In order to serve the society or people in a better way, this department have long hierarchy of officers. At the state level, the function of Revenue Administration, Disaster Management and Mitigation, Land Administration, Land Reforms and Survey and Settlement are entrusted to the commissioner of Revenue Administration. Commissioner of Land Administration, Commissioner of Land Reforms and Commissioner of Survey and Settlement respectively

Sub – Departments


Department of Revenue Administration, Disaster Management and Mitigation
Department of Land Administration Department
Department of Land Reforms
Department of Urban Land Ceiling & Urban Land Tax
Department of Survey and Settlement (Department of Survey and Land Records)

Present Ministers (2011-Till)

  • P. Mohan (politician), Minister for Rural Industries

Former Ministers

  • 2006 – 2011:
    • Karunanidhi – Minister for Home
    • R. Viswanathan – Minister for Prohibition and Excise